Baptism Celebration

Baptism Celebration

Baptism is our outward expression of our inward faith. It is a way of publicly declaring that you are a follower of Christ. On Sunday, July 16, we have the privilege of baptizing believers from our church who are ready to take this step of faith, so please join us as we celebrate those who have given their lives to Christ!

Baptism Service and Schedule:
The baptisms will be taking place at North Avenue Beach. We will be gathering at the first pier, just north of the pedestrian bridge that goes over Lake Shore Drive.

*** Please note :: PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE IS OUT OF COMMISSION: The Park District is closing the pedestrian bridge from 7 AM – 3:30 PM each day through July 21. So please allow extra time to get to the beach this year! The nearest point of access to get to North Avenue Beach is the underpass at LaSalle Drive, about a block south of the bridge and near the exit and entrance to Lake Shore Drive, OR the underpass at North Avenue. ***

The service will start at 7 AM with a time of prayer and a short message from one of our pastors. The baptisms will begin shortly after and we’ll wrap up at 8 AM with prayer and worship.

Using public transit is suggested, however if you are driving, you can park for FREE on Sundays on Clark or Stockton (or any other streets in the area) and then walk over to the pedestrian bridge. Otherwise, there is a small parking lot near North Avenue Beach that charges $8-10 per hour. We hope to see you there!

Got questions?
Please contact Sherri Nagorny with any questions,