Loop Kids

Loop Kids is our ministry for children from birth to 5th grade, and will engage your child with God’s word using activities designed to teach them about Jesus. Visit the Loop Kids website for information about our curriculum, upcoming events, volunteering opportunities and more.

Loop Kids Vision & Values: We want to see kids love God and worship Jesus through FAITH.

Fun fellowship

At their level

Intentional relationships

Trusting environment

Home partnership

Loop Kids has a resource to help parents to engage their kids in the discussion of baptism. Whether your child has started asking questions, or you are interested in starting the conversation, this booklet will help you walk through this topic with your child. This will not just be an exciting time of considering baptism with your child, but will also be a memorable time as you set aside four intentional meetings together.

If you are interested in receiving this resource to go through now or in the future, email Joanna Kitchener. We have both digital and paper copies available.



Loop Kids would not be possible without our amazing volunteers. We want to provide the best possible environment for our kids to have fun and learn together. Fun, spiritually mature, loving volunteers help make that happen and have a huge impact on the kids every week.

If you are interested in volunteering with Loop Kids, visit the Loop Volunteers page for information about our different roles and to apply online.


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