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Residency Program

For those who are exploring what it would it mean to pursue a call to serve vocationally through a local church, Park Community Church has established a two-year ministry resident program to assist in, clarify, and affirm that calling. The program is designed for each resident to spend 27 hours per week in ‘hands on’ learning opportunities coupled with theological and cultural reflection and reading. Ideally, the resident will have completed their undergraduate degree and is either beginning or near completion of their degree from a seminary or other theological institution.  

This program was birthed out of a goal in 2008 to establish five new locations for Park Community Church within five years. Ministry grows from the strength of its leaders, and we knew that in order to accomplish this goal, we would need to strengthen and grow our bench of leaders.  Since its inception eight years ago, by God’s grace, Park has seen six people step into full time pastoral ministry.  All residents play a key role in growing gospel influence in our city and are closely mentored through Park’s leadership and the resident supervisor.

Residents can expect to spend 12 months alongside a ministry supervisor who will be apprenticing them. The program is set up for those who are naturally proactive – – virtually every door at Park will be open for you to explore and learn how to grow in your ministry understanding. The program runs from September through August and is renewable after the first year.

Applications for 2017 – 2018 are now open. Please review the Residency FAQ before filling out the online application here: Park Community Church Residency Application 

Meet The 2016 – 2017 Residents 

This year Park has eight ministry residents who are involved in ministries varying from pastoral operations. Most are continuing on with their formal theological education while some have already graduated. Please click on their names to read their bios and get to know them,  and click “Give now” to see how you can come alongside and support them in this important year they are investing at Park.

Ed KraalEd Kraal is a resident with pastoral ministries.

Mitch McCarlMitch McCarl is a resident with student ministries.

Jenn Hoffman is a resident with care ministries. [Give now]

Ryan Goble is a resident with pastoral ministries. [Give now]

Lee Grander is a resident with pastoral ministries. [Give now]

Philip Adams is a resident with pastoral ministries. [Give now]

Colin Barrett is a resident with small groups. [Give now]

Noah Chung is a resident with pastoral ministries. [Give now]