Our Mission

Throughout the Bible, God’s concern and blessing for all of His creation is revealed, and we are told that people of all nations will one day surround the throne to worship Him (Revelation 7:9). And yet today, 2000 years after Jesus charged his followers to make disciples of every people group, there are still 7,000 people groups who are unreached. Our global vision is to mobilize, send, and sustain 100 disciple-makers from Park to the Unreached by September 2022. Park offers many ways you can get involved in global outreach, and there is something for everyone to make an impact on the Nations. Even here in Chicago! Fill out this form to notify our team of your interest and someone will follow up with you soon!

Global Staff

Our team is:

// Dave C. // Christian M. // Michael C. // Alana H. // Christina H. // Hector H. // Simon R. (Global Resident) // Philip H. // Michael B. // Meghan M. // Sarah R. // Stephanie M.

Istanbul City Guide

For many years, Park has had a heart to see more churches planted in Turkey, and especially in the city of Istanbul.

Several Park professional writers recently collaborated to produce a guide for business professionals to learn more about how they can use their skills to make a gospel impact there.

This guide gives an overview of what a move to Istanbul would entail. It’s broken into eight sections, designed to give you a feel for life, work, and ministry in Istanbul. We encourage you to read it and then pray, asking God if he may be leading you overseas. We also urge you to talk with your pastor and close friends and family about this possibility as well.