5 Ways to Engage in the Global Church


Welcoming the Nations to Chicago

1. Become an ESL Tutor
If you’re interested in serving as an ESL tutor please reach out to Beth for more info!

2. Serve with World Relief Chicago
World Relief partners with churches and communities around the world to provide relief from suffering and help people rebuild their lives.

3. Host an International Student
There are many opportunities throughout the year to host international students! If you’re interested, reach out to Michael!



1. Join an Advocacy Team
This can involve many different aspects such as regular correspondence, helping goers as they prepare to leave, providing resources when they are in the States, etc.

2. Give

If you feel called to be part of God’s work among the Nations but cannot go yourself, consider supporting one of our current global partners or one of the Park 100. Email Beth for more info!


Challenging and encouraging others in your small group and at your location to be engaged in God’s Global mission.

1. Serve on the Global Team - We have localized Global Teams at each of our Park locations

2. Join a Phase 1 Disciple-making Team!

What is Phase 1?
A team of like-minded believers who make it their goal to become disciple makers. For 10 weeks, the group commits to a weekly "3-2-1" lifestyle: 3 hours abiding in Jesus, 2 hours together intentionally with those who don't know God, and 1 hour in prayer as a team. To supplement the training, we'll read Spiritual Multiplication in the Real World and go through the accompanying study guide. Participants will grow in having spiritual conversations and sharing the gospel cross-culturally. Children are welcome and encouraged to participate as well!

Who Should Be In Phase 1?
Though a part of the process for the Park 100, this team is not just for people who want to move overseas. It is for anyone that wants to learn how to multiply their life and share the gospel!

3. Take Perspectives!
Click here for more info.

4. Join a Business as Mission (BAM) Team!
God has given each of us unique talents and gifts, and at Park Community Church we want to see his followers using their skills to make disciples of all nations. It is for this reason that we are seeking to equip and mobilize individuals to either take their current profession overseas, or use their professional experience, talents, and education to help and serve an overseas global partner remotely.



1. Pray for Unreached People Groups
Joshua Project is a great resource to be reminded to pray for the Nations.

2. Join or Lead a Prayer Group
For more information please reach out to Beth!

3. Adopt a Global Partner in Prayer
For more information please email Beth!



1. Go on A Cross-Cultural Ministry Trip
Cross-Cultural Ministry Trips span different types of ministries including: evangelism, medical, business, teaching, farming, and exposure. Regardless of what type of trip you participate in, together we will engage in making disciples of all nations (Matt. 28:18-20).

Contributions to Global Trips are solicited with the understanding that Park Community Church has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.

Cross-Cultural Ministry Trips and Safety:
We at Park Community Church have a strong commitment to seeing God’s Kingdom proclaimed to those who have never heard the Good News. We also take seriously the safety of those who travel internationally with us and do everything we can to mitigate the risks involved.

  • We monitor US State Department warnings and alerts. At the point that the State Department issues a “do not travel” warning or urges US citizens to defer travel to a location, we will change plans and restrict our travel there.

  • We work closely with our ministry partners on the ground to understand the local situation and potential risks and follow their counsel.

  • We track security alerts posted by other countries.

  • We subscribe to multiple security briefing services that give notice of anticipated security risks.

  • We train our team leaders and members to maintain a low profile, both before and during their travels. (ask them to filter their social media posts etc.)

2. Explore going long-term
Interested in moving overseas long-term? Click here to learn more about the Park 100 or contact our Global Mobilization Team!

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