God has given each of us unique talents and gifts, and at Park Community Church we want to see his followers using their skills to make disciples of all nations. It is for this reason that we are seeking to equip and mobilize individuals to take their current profession overseas to the unreached people of the world.

Interested in becoming a disciple-maker?

Come join a summer Phase 1 Group!

What is Phase 1?
A team of like-minded believers who make it their goal to become disciple makers. For 10 weeks, the group commits to a weekly "3-2-1" lifestyle: 3 hours abiding in Jesus, 2 hours together intentionally with those who don't know God, and 1 hour in prayer as a team. To supplement the training, we'll read Spiritual Multiplication in the Real World and go through the accompanying study guide. Participants will grow in having spiritual conversations and sharing the gospel cross-culturally. Children are welcome and encouraged to participate as well!

Who Should Be In Phase 1?
Though a part of the process for the Park 100, this team is not just for people who want to move overseas. It is for anyone that wants to learn how to multiply their life and share the gospel!

These groups will be starting the week of May 28 and running through the week of July 20. The meeting days and times will vary based on the group.

Interested in taking your profession overseas?

This is a great way to spread the Gospel to countries that may be unwilling to open their doors to missionaries. Below are a few resources for you to explore what taking your profession overseas might look like.

  • We believe that missions work is best when it is not done in isolation. For this reason, we are partnering with Scatter Global as we seek to mobilize professionals to move overseas.

  • For helpful information and insider tips from those who have already taken their professions overseas, check out Go. Serve. Love.

  • Are you interested, but feel like your current job is preventing you from pursuing this next step? Check out former Park Partner, Reed Rawhouser’s, blog on how he found remote work that could be done anywhere in the world.

Perspectives is another great resource and class hosted here at Park! Click here for more info.

Istanbul City Guide
For many years, Park has had a heart to see more churches planted in Turkey, and especially in the city of Istanbul. Several Park professional writers recently collaborated to produce a guide for business professionals to learn more about how they can use their skills to make a gospel impact there.

This guide gives an overview of what a move to Istanbul would entail. It’s broken into eight sections, designed to give you a feel for life, work, and ministry in Istanbul. We encourage you to read it and then pray, asking God if he may be leading you overseas. We also urge you to talk with your pastor and close friends and family about this possibility as well.

Want to talk with one of our Global Mobilizers to get coaching on your next step?