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On September 30, 2018,  Lead Pastor, Jackson Crum, and his wife, Donna, announced that they sensed God calling them to transition roles at Park and move overseas to join our Global team in Spring 2020. The Elders at Park affirm Jackson and Donna in their decision and praise God for their obedience to the call that He has placed on their hearts. We are so grateful for the 15 years that Jackson and Donna have given to serving this church and we are beyond excited for what lies ahead!

What does this mean for Park?

Since September 2018, Elders across all of Park locations have been praying, fasting, and discerning what God would have the future leadership structure at Park Community Church look like as we seek to advance His Kingdom work.

In recognizing where the Spirit is already moving and in seeking to be intentional about reaching the city of Chicago for Christ, the Elders reached great unity in considering a team of Regional leaders that honor diversity of experience, proximity, and thought.

In September 2019, Park will officially transition from a single-leader model to a team leadership model made up of a four-person team, including three Regional Pastors and one Executive Pastor, who act as equal members. This team is responsible for executing the vision and mission of Park, as determined by the Churchwide Elders and in unity with the Location Elders.

Considering where Park's current locations are in our city today, we landed on three regions: North, Center, and Near South.


Each Region will be led by one member of the new team, with our desire and goal, Lord-willing, to have more regions further South and wherever God should lead.

We recognize that God has uniquely resourced and blessed us to reach Chicago and the world, and in the values that unite us, we believe we are better together. As we begin to lean in to this new leadership model, below is a summary of how we anticipate operating as one church in many locations:

  • Park Community Church is one church in many neighborhoods, with the new team providing structure, direction, and support for the ministry of each location.

  • Locations are united and collaborative, but each has its own leadership and is free to contextualize its local efforts.

  • As much as possible, we continue to look to empower decision-making at the local level believing we are more impactful together as one church expressed in different regions of the city.

Meet the Team!

Jason LaLonde Rogers Park Network Pastor   North Regional Pastor

Jason LaLonde
Rogers Park Network Pastor

North Regional Pastor

Jackson Crum Lead Pastor   Interim Center Regional Pastor

Jackson Crum
Lead Pastor

Interim Center Regional Pastor

Kensen Lam Bridgeport Pastor   Near South Regional Pastor

Kensen Lam
Bridgeport Pastor

Near South Regional Pastor

Jonathan Masters Executive Pastor   Churchwide Ministry Pastor

Jonathan Masters
Executive Pastor

Churchwide Ministry Pastor


A note from Jackson:

"Folks, I am very excited about this new leadership structure. The Elders have wisely set Park up for what is to come. These are men who I had a hand in hiring and have worked closely with for the past many years.  I trust them and know them to be men of integrity who love Jesus and the church. I believe wholeheartedly that Park’s best days are in front of us. This new leadership structure will enable us to realize all that God has for us in the years to come.”

- Jaxn

Transition Timeline



They all serve as elders who are equal to each other with the same qualifications, however they each have a different scope.

- The Churchwide Elder team as a whole creates a churchwide vision.

- The new team executes and implements the churchwide vision.

The separate Location Elder Teams help support the churchwide vision and oversee a more localized vision for their neighborhood.

These 4 leaders are accountable to the Churchwide Elders and to a soon-to-be-established care and accountability team made up of majority Lay Elders.

Also, all Park Community Church staff will report to this team. Specifically, Location Staff will report to their Regional Leader and Churchwide Ministry Staff will report to the Executive Pastor.

As Elders, we will continue to evaluate function and effectiveness of the new model for advancing God’s work. Additionally, the Churchwide Elders will review and assess the effectiveness of the new team on a 4-month basis, in line with our current staff review calendar.

The Churchwide Elders will collaborate with the Near North and Lincoln Park Elders by July 1. They will be considering both internal and external leaders for this role.


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