Women's Winter Study – Artwork.png

Date: Saturdays, Jan. 13 – Mar. 3, 2018

Location: Park Near NorthPark Edgebrook

Cost: $25

No childcare provided.

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Join us for the Women at Park Winter Bible Study as we dig deep into the book of Joshua together. 


The Old Testament Book of Joshua tells the story of God's chosen people, the Israelites, and their journey to the Promised Land. This book teaches us what it looks like to trust God in the midst of the storms of life, how to stay strong in character in order to stand for what God says is true, and how to be strong and courageous when we are faced with the opinions and opposition of others. By studying Joshua, we will learn to know God, to believe God, and to trust that God will fulfill his promises. We are committed to investing in your spiritual growth and equipping you as we grow as women of the Word. Invite a friend, experience solid biblical teaching, and build community.