For those who are exploring what it would it mean to pursue a call to serve vocationally through a local church, Park Community Church has established a two-year ministry resident program to assist in, clarify, and affirm that calling. The program is designed for each resident to spend 27 hours per week in ‘hands on’ learning opportunities coupled with theological and cultural reflection and reading. Ideally, the resident will have completed their undergraduate degree and is either beginning or near completion of their degree from a seminary or other theological institution.  

This program was birthed out of a goal in 2008 to establish five new locations for Park Community Church within five years. Ministry grows from the strength of its leaders, and we knew that in order to accomplish this goal, we would need to strengthen and grow our bench of leaders.  Since its inception eight years ago, by God’s grace, Park has seen six people step into full time pastoral ministry.  All residents play a key role in growing gospel influence in our city and are closely mentored through Park’s leadership and the resident supervisor.

Residents can expect to spend 12 months alongside a ministry supervisor who will be apprenticing them. The program is set up for those who are naturally proactive – virtually every door at Park will be open for you to explore and learn how to grow in your ministry understanding. The program runs from September through August and is renewable after the first year.



Applications for 2017-2018 are now closed. 

Please review the Residency FAQ before filling out the online application here: 
Park Community Church Residency Application


2017-2018 RESIDENTS

Our ministry residents are involved in ministries varying from pastoral operations to care ministry. Most are continuing on with their formal theological education while some have already graduated.

Pastoral Ministries

Trevor Lovell is a resident with Pastoral Ministries at Park Community Church – Near North, serving the Saturday night gathering with his gifts of coaching and creative ideation. Trevor is originally from Rapid River, Michigan and now lives in Chicago with his wife, Megan. He’s a graduate of Moody Bible Institute and was led to apply for the residency program to be trained up in ministry while still pursuing further studies. He feels God is calling him towards pastoral ministry and is using his time as a resident to flesh out what that will specifically look like. 

What is something you have learned recently in the Word of God?
"God has been deepening my understanding of the gospel and how it affects my marriage, my parenting, my work — really, all of my life."

Describe your overall experience as a Park Resident:
"The community here has been great, very supportive and intentional in their investment in me and the other residents. It's been a great experience so far."



Pastoral Ministries


Ryan Goble is a resident in Pastoral Ministries at Park Community Church – Lincoln Park, where he contributes a skillset that includes speaking, mentoring, project management, and creative ideation. He’s originally from Scottsdale, Arizona, and currently lives in Chicago with his wife, Jessica, while pursuing a degree at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Park’s residency program stood out to Ryan because of the mission and vision to reach the city of Chicago, allowing him to continue pursuing his calling for urban ministry.

What is something you have learned recently in the Word of God?
“I’m learning how to serve my wife by learning about Jesus’s heart to serve those around him as shown in John 13:1-11 when washing his disciples’ feet. If Jesus, who is owed everything, can serve those around him then certainly I, who am owed nothing, should serve even more.”

Describe your overall experience as a Park Resident:
“Park really cares about its residents and desires for them to grow and mature into the men and women they are called to be. I feel very cared for while getting several opportunities to grow and mature.”



Pastoral Ministries


Lee Grander is a resident with Pastoral Ministries at Park Community Church – South Rogers Park, where he contributes his skills of speaking, mentoring, team building, and project management. Lee is originally from Salisberry, North Carolina, and now lives in Chicago with his wife, Kelsey, while studying at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Lee felt led to apply for this residency after sensing God’s call to pursue pastoral ministry.

What is something you have learned recently in the Word of God?
“I’ve been reading through Galatians recently and have been meditating on Galatians 2:1-14, where Barnabas was lead astray by Peter’s hypocrisy. This showed me the power of leadership and the effects it can have on people negatively when there is variance from the original gospel. Through meditation and prayer I’ve come to understand that the Lord is using Paul to confront man’s tendency to stray away from the original gospel. I’ve learned that even the apostles were found leading people astray because of sin. Since reading I’ve been spending time in prayer, asking God to reveal the hidden strands of hypocrisy that are occurring in my life. I am seeking God to address any inconsistencies while entering into leadership positions so I can be consistent in my actions and aligned with the Gospel message!”

Describe your overall experience as a Park Resident: “I love it! The residency has been an incredible opportunity to get the collective wisdom from the many pastors at Park while still getting the intimacy with the congregation in Rogers Park! I’ve really appreciated Residency Director, Scott Clifton, as he leads us through different leadership lessons. It has been one of the biggest blessings in my life to be a part of the residency program because it is helping me to confirm God’s calling and prepare me for where He has me next!”



Student Ministries


Mitch McCarl is a resident with Student Ministries at Park Community Church – Forest Glen, where he brings his passions for mentoring, coaching, team building and hospitality. Mitch is originally from Des Moines, Iowa, and now lives in Chicago with his wife, Olivia. He’s a 2015 graduate of Moody Bible Institute and was led to apply for the residency in pursuit of hearing God’s call to fulltime ministry: “I feel God is calling me into full time vocational ministry, in particular with student ministry. I have a longing to show students that Christ really is the most important thing to live for in our lives.”

What is something you have learned recently in the Word of God?
“As I am reading through Ezekiel, I am learning how wretched a people that we are. We have failed the Lord in just about every way. We deserve so much pain, disgrace, and judgement, but the Lord is gracious. We are a wretched people, but the Lord is merciful and loving to the lowly.”

Describe your overall experience as a Park Resident:
“My experience as a Park Resident has been great. I have loved having Residency Director, Scott Clifton, be a part of my life. He has been instrumental in my growth in ministry capability. I have learned in practical ways how to better shepherd my flock.”



Pastoral Ministries


Noah Chung a pastoral resident in Bridgeport. He has been part of the campus plant in that neighborhood from the beginning and he’s currently finishing up his Master’s of Divinity at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL. Noah was born in a Korean immigrant family in the suburbs of St. Louis, MO. His passion is to see the church be a light in Bridgeport through community engagement, missional living, and small groups. Through the residency program, Noah hopes to grow in his ability to teach the Word of God, to lead people, and to love on the city.

What is something you have learned recently in the Word of God?
“I recently read through the book of Acts in my devotional time. As part of a newer church plant in Bridgeport, many times it’s tempting to rely on our own strength and the people we have to engage the neighborhood and lead the congregation. But when you look through the book of Acts, the main character is not Paul, not the disciples, it’s not even the early church, it is the Holy Spirit. Amidst sickness, division, persecution, political powers, magic, and demons, the Holy Spirit is the only reason for the growth of the Early Church. So as we continue our ministry in Bridgeport, the book of Acts reminds me of how vital it is to depend on Him and His power, and not merely on our own. Thank God for the Holy Spirit living and moving in us.”



Global Ministries


Simon R. is a resident with Global at Park Community Church – Edgebrook, where he brings his passions for team building, project management, and organization. He was led to apply for the residency program to serve God in full time ministry and continue developing his theological training at his church home. After completing the residency program, his desire is to continue serving God through cross-cultural mobilization, in order to help build up the church and her impact on the nations. 

What is something you have learned recently in the Word of God?
“I have been learning that telling people about Jesus is worth whatever opposition that arises. I have been encouraged by Acts 20:22-24, knowing that God is my comfort and strength. Paul writes ‘And now, behold, I am going to Jerusalem, constrained by the Spirit, not knowing what will happen to me there, except that the Holy Spirit testifies to me in every city that imprisonment and afflictions await me. But I do not account my life of any value nor as precious to myself, if only I may finish my course and the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God.'”

Describe your overall experience as a Park Resident:
So far, I have enjoyed my time as a Park Resident; it has been challenging, growing, and a pleasure to be a part of this residency. I am excited to see how God uses it to further my experience and direction in full time ministry!