"My husband and I first came to Park two years ago on Easter, after we were invited by a friend I worked with. I was very nervous and fearful of Christians, so we snuck in and sat in the back. Though it was a little different than what I expected, we fell in love with the church right away. Park has been our home ever since. It felt natural and easy, but I wasn't 100% comfortable as I wasn’t a Christian yet and I had a lot of questions. I just couldn’t believe in something that I couldn’t see, touch, or feel. I kept asking questions, signed up for Alpha, and continued to go to weekend gatherings at Park. One night after hearing the pastor’s preaching, I went home, got on my knees, and asked the Holy Spirit to fill my heart. My life changed from there. God has done so much. He has taught me how to love myself and brought to light many areas of pain. I learned that his love is immeasurable. I learned to rely on him, rather than on other people. He placed amazing people in my life to walk beside me. In the past, fear paralyzed me, but now I'm not fearful of life. In the most hopeful, sometimes tough, ways my life is forever changed since I asked Jesus into my life to help me. I love me some Jesus! I now love telling people all about Alpha and that it's safe and not threatening in any way. I'm so humbled to be an Alpha table facilitator in the upcoming season, and I can't wait to see who God puts in our group."