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"I work for a company that provides education and communication services to the corrections industry. The corrections industry is one that is constantly oppressing the already oppressed in this country. Mass Incarceration has taken over and impacted millions of families leading to debt, re-incarceration, and troubled reentry. Simply talking to a loved one while incarcerated can cost tens of thousands of dollars annually. Edovo, the company that I now work for, is working to change that. 

We offer cost-effective communication options and free educational, rehabilitative, and vocational coursework to incarcerated persons in more than half the nation. There are two proven methods to reducing recidivism (the rate at which individuals return to prison upon release): communication and education. With cost effective communication and free education, Edovo is dedicated to making a shift and leading the change in the way we care for incarcerated individuals by giving them a chance they have never had before. For the six years that we have been around, we have already seen a change and are beyond thrilled to see the progress that has been made. 

Simply put, I feel like God has specifically called me to this industry. Since I was little, God put a desire in my heart to care for those that were incarcerated. In school I studied Psychology, Criminology, and Sociology because I felt called to work in a prison as a counselor. I pursued that and after only a few short months of working in Westville Correctional Facility in Indiana, I knew that there was more to be done. Those that are incarcerated don't just "serve time" - they are serving a life sentence through the ways they are treated in society once released. There is no forgiveness. At Edovo, we are giving them the chance to be forgiven, to be loved and cared for. We get to share the gospel and message of forgiveness and unconditional love on a daily basis when we walk into a corrections facility and tell every user that they are loved and cared for by the people of Edovo, and that we believe in them. 

This job has not always been easy. Taking this job almost three years ago was a huge risk for me. I was working at a stable consulting firm, making six figures, moving up the professional track but honestly, I wasn't happy. It wasn't life giving for me and I knew that I was called to more. I missed corrections. God had put this industry in my heart years ago and I needed to listen to his tugs. When I was feeling convicted about my role at this consulting firm, I started looking for other jobs and I knew that I was going to have to make some tough decisions. I knew that I wasn't going to walk into the same opportunities that I had at my current firm.

I found Edovo almost instantly, a startup that was dedicated to change. There is no other way to explain that "coincidence" other than God at work in my life. He had perfectly planned that story: my feelings of conviction and desire to find something that would help those that were incarcerated and then practically placing that job in my lap. Two weeks later I had a job at Edovo. I sacrificed the family that I had at my previous firm, the stability, and the "Partner" title for an unstable start up with a massive pay cut, but it had meaning. 

God has been so clearly at work through this new organization it's incredible to see the messages that come from our users and the hope that they've felt from these new opportunities. It's amazing to be able to share the gospel with my colleagues as I tell them why I wanted to work there and share the hope that I feel from the Spirit to deal with the struggle that exists in the brokenness in corrections. There are so many incredible souls that want to make a difference in corrections and we get to collaborate and collectively pray for incarcerated individuals across the country. Even in our own city we are involved in the Adult Transition Center, and Juvenile Detention Centers. I am eager to see God continue to work in the lives of the incarcerated. "