“A constant thread throughout my childhood was never feeling that I was enough for the people around me. This influenced a life of poor decisions, over-serving at church, and over-spending of my financial resources… all in hopes it would make me be enough for those around me.

I slowed down this past August, and God used the opportunity to teach me something I never fully understood before: He created me in His image... and through Jesus’ death and resurrection, I am a new creation. With the Holy Spirit living in me, I am more than enough.

Life will continue to have struggles, but I am able to move forward. I’ve since reevaluated my friendships, my serving, and my spending. This spring, I sought reconciliation with those who had contributed to damaging messages in the past. Our testimonies don't end when we accept Christ - they begin! And thankfully, God never stops investing in us, growing us, or teaching us if we seek Him and allow Him to do some amazing works.”