"Following the Lord has NEVER been easy. One night back in September 2013 the Lord called me out of my place of comfort to do ministry in Chicago. I wrestled with the Lord for a month until I surrendered (Jonah, who?). And in that moment, the Lord laid a sincere question on my heart: "Are you willing to sacrifice your flesh to come follow me?" That week I said my goodbyes, packed my belongings, and headed to Chicago. That was four years ago. I now know why God has placed me here. Every week I go into high schools and neighborhoods sharing the gospel. You can find me in the some of the most misunderstood, gang-infested areas of Chicago. It's in these communities that I believe our Lord would be if He still walked the Earth today. The question is - why aren't there more of us in these spaces? Over the years I have had several conversations with local gang leaders, gang members, and drug dealers. Many have expressed the need of a job and the difficulties of finding one to make an honest living. Existing criminal records along with institutionalized oppression obstructs the path way to success for many young people in our city. Is it impossible for us to extend that same grace to others that Christ so often extends to us? I am dedicated to seeing our under-sourced communities restored; May broken communities no longer be broken, but whole and full of resources. It is my hope that we no longer watch from the sideline, but we get our hands dirty. Believers don't have clean hands. We get and stay dirty..."