"I write this with shaky hands from sleepless nights, lying on a back that has been operated on twice. But I am full of hope.

The past year, I suffered from postpartum insomnia and re-herniated a disc. But by God’s grace and faithfulness, I have watched Him turn my suffering into joy.

During my insomnia, God blessed me with purpose to pray intentionally for a couple battling infertility. The couple is now due with a baby in August.

A friend has been courageously dealing with cancer. We now celebrate together as she begins to see improvement. 
The past year has the hardest, darkest time in my thirty-three years as a woman, wife, and mother. But these stories point to a loving, faithful, and restorative God whom I can trust. And by His grace, I feel called to respond to what He is asking of me. By Christ's leading of obedience to the Father, I desire to be baptized."